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What to Expect…


Well-balanced meals are prepared by our on-site kitchen staff. Food is served buffet-style, with favorites such as spaghetti, pizza, fajitas, chicken fingers, fresh fruit, a salad bar, and of course desserts. Meal times are at 8:00 AM, 12:30 PM, and 5:30 PM, Special consideration is given to vegetarians, and those with food allergies, diabetes, or other health issues. Alternatives are available upon request, so please let us know of any needs before your camper’s session.


Campers are housed in one of the following: Adult Education Center, Memorial Lodge or the Family Center at Grotonwood. All facilities have indoor plumbing, and generally are double-occupancy rooms with two single beds. For more information please visit our facilities page.


The Grotonwood camp store is located and open at the heart of camp and is open during specified times each day. The store offers campers healthy snacks, candy, soda, and a variety of other drinks, as well as t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, key chains, jewelry, and more. There is a daily spending limit on food and drink. It is recommended that during registration you deposit money ($25/week) into your camper’s store account, so there are no concerns over misplaced cash.


Our camp photographer will take pictures throughout the week and compile them in a special take-home booklet we call a “WeekBook”! This is our gift to our campers to help them remember their week at camp and have something to show their friends and family when them return home!


Campers love to receive mail. Be sure mail is sent prior to your camper’s stay. We do not forward mail after the camper has departed. You can write, send a card or package to the following address:

Camper Name & Session
Grotonwood 167 Prescott Street
Groton, MA 01450

Medication and Nurse Procedures

Grotonwood has nurses on duty for every session. Medications brought to camp are kept in the infirmary at all times and are administered by the nurse. Upon arrival at registration, the camper’s medication is given to the nurse for proper storage and security.

As a legal requirement, medication must be in the original packaging bearing the pharmacy label which shows the date of filling, pharmacy name and address, filling pharmacist’s initials, serial number of the prescription, patients name, doctor’s name, the name of the medication directions, and cautions. These will be returned to you at the end of the camp session.

Only our certified personnel will administer medications to the campers. Please be sure that all medications, including over-the-counter medications such as asprin and allergy medications are given to the nurse. No medications are allowed in rooms. Be sure that you speak directly with the nurse regarding any and all concerns about the administration of medications. The counselors are not allowed to administer any medications, including antibacterial creams, etc., without nurse delegation.


If an emergency should occur and you need to reach your camper, call the office number. Should an emergency occur at camp, the Camp Director, nurse, or the Special Needs Coordinator will contact you. If your camper should need to be transported to the hospital, you will be contacted immediately. Please be sure to provide camp with current phone numbers where the emergency contact can be easily reached.