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Youth Group Camps


Unite camps are a great way for church youth groups to bond!

The summer can be a difficult time for churches and their youth groups, with families vacationing, and other activities interfering with church attendance. Many youth groups even stop meeting during the summer. At Grotonwood, we believe a summer camp experience is the best way to solidify the bond that has been building all school year long within your group. That’s why we’ve created Unite Youth Group Camps. These week long or partial week camps are designed to meet your groups’s specific needs and may be just what your youth group needs to grow closer to God and to each other!

How it works…

Unite Youth Groups arrive together on Sunday afternoon, and leave either Friday or Saturday morning. It is recommended that churches provide two female leaders and two male leaders, as they will take on the role of the “counselors” during the day and in the group’s living area(s) at night.

YOU CHOOSE the kind of experience you want your group to have!

Leaders may choose to have their group jump in with Grotonwood’s chapel times, OR may choose to bring their own curriculum and have separate Bible discussion times. You may choose to have your group mix in with Grotonwood’s youth campers during day and evening programs, OR travel to activities as a group and allow our highly trained staff to lead your kids in team building exercises and the activities that interest them most. Whatever experience you choose, Grotonwood is here to provide the destination and resources to make memories that will last a lifetime and forge an unbreakable bond in your church’s youth program. For more details about Unite please contact the camp office or complete your details on the Enquiry Form and we will be in contact with you shortly.