A sunny morning at Lost Lake, Grotonwood


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(A sunny morning at Lost Lake, Grotonwood)


When I tell people I work at Grotonwood. I often receive unique response. Many people share a memory they have of Grotonwood. Many of these memories are decades old and may be a brief snapshot, but have left a deep impact on the sharer.

Memories of Grotonwood tend to stick with people. Mine stuck with me. I worked at Grotonwood in 2003 as summer camp counselor. It was part of a journey into Christian ministry. A journey that included youth ministry, campus ministry, and led to 10 years living in China and Cambodia.

My experiences overseas as youth pastor to the teenagers of missionaries, provided me with experience planning and running retreats for young people, and I saw firsthand the deep impact these retreats had on young people. This has fueled my passion for retreats and camping, and helping people engage with God’s love for them. This journey and passion for retreats has led me back to Grotonwood.

As I began to anticipate returning to the US. I remembered my experience working at Grotonwood, and wondered if Grotonwood wouldn’t be part of my transition back to the United States.

I began dialoguing with Fred via email while preparing to leave Cambodia and we agreed that LDP coordinator was a good role for me summer of 2014. My role allowed me to walk alongside the leadership campers as they learned, served, and were stretched. Grotonwood also provided Christian community for me as I transitioned back to life in America.

(Summer staff 2014)

As summer drew to a close, I was offered a year round position as Ministry Program Developer. My role here at Grotonwood provides me with opportunities to share God’s love with campers and my coworkers.


(Christina and Marquis busy planning for summer 2015)

So join me as I blog about my own spiritual journey, and sharing insights from articles and books I’m reading as I develop programming here at Grotonwood.

As I share these thoughts and articles, I hope they inspire you in your spiritual journey.

What about you ?

  • What brought you to this blog space?
  • What’s your connection to Grotonwood?