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As summer is drawing to a close and our campers leave happy and satisfied, you may be wondering what else Grotonwood has to offer. Well, if you can’t wait till next summer to get back to camp, we are pleased to announce that we are hosting our first Adult Fall Vacation weekend specifically for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Cost: $249 if booked before October 1st 2017, or, $285 thereafter.

Deposit of $85 must be received prior to arrival at camp to secure your place and is non-refundable. Full payment of the remaining balance must be received on check-in day at the latest.

Our Staff: We have taken the utmost care to hire only the most caring and experienced staff to serve in our Adult Fall Vacation weekend retreat. Our objective is to engage campers and encourage them to try new things in a safe, fun environment. We also celebrate Christ in a fun and interactive chapel service!

Activities include: Camp Fire and Cocoa, fall arts & crafts, leaf peeping, archery, hay and pontoon boat rides, a fall themed evening Ball (dance), karaoke, chapel, Root beer & board game for the men, spa sessions for the ladies, Wheel of Fortune and much much more!

Arrival: Check-in is Friday October 27th 6.00pm in the Gymnasium.

Parent or guardian/caretaker must accompany all campers during the entire registration process (about 1 hour), and must be familiar enough with the camper and their needs to discuss them with our staff.

  • You and your camper will be greeted and directed to the parking & registration area.
  • A staff member will note your camper’s arrival and provide lodging information.
  • You may deposit money ($10-20) into the store account.
  • The nurse will review medications (including PRN’s) and other needs or concerns.
  • Campers will meet their unit leader and counselors in their designated living quarters, find their room, and unpack. At this point you may review any additional information with the staff.

Departure: Check-out is Sunday October 29th at 1.30pm in the Gymnasium.

A parent, guardian, or previously designated person MUST sign the check-out form

  • A staff member will help you check your camper out and any extra store money will be returned.
  • The nurse will hand back any leftover medications (if applicable)
  • Please be sure to check luggage before leaving camp to verify that all items have been packed. The camp will not be held responsible for lost personal belongings.

How to sign up: The process could not be easier! Registration is completed online by clicking on the red or green button at the top of this page dependent on whether you have registered for summer camp online previously.

If you have not attended summer camp before, please click on the green ‘Sign up for Camp’ button and follow the prompts to register. You will need to sign up for the Adult Fall Vacation 2017 session.

If you have previously attended summer camp and your details are already registered, please click on the red ‘Log into Campminder’ button and follow the prompts. You will need to sign up for Adult Fall Vacation 2017 session.

Camperships are available to those who may need financial assistance in order to attend.. Please download and complete our Campership Request Form Here  and email it to or mail it to:

Grotonwood Camp & Conference Center
167 Prescott St.
Groton, MA 01450

Campership requests must be received by the office a minimum of 10 days prior to check-in. Requests received after this time will not be processed.

Medical Information:

In order for the camper to attend the Fall Vacation Retreat, we require the following information:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Physical dated within the last 24 months
  • Immunization history record
  • Health insurance information
  • Medication List

Registration does not guarantee the camper a spot for the session. Please complete the camper’s medical information during registration and submit a signed physical dated within the last 24 months to the camp office. Prior to acceptance to camp, camp personnel and the camp nurse will review all the medical forms. It is very important to be as detailed as possible to ensure adequate care for the camper is provided. If any questions arise, camp personnel will contact the care provider and responsible person using the phone numbers provided during the registration process.

All medication must be received in its original packaging. Bubble packs are recommended and greatly appreciated by our camp nurses. Please ask your pharmacist to provide the medication in this format prior to arrival at camp.

What to pack: See our Packing List – Adult Fall Vacation Weekend 2017. Please bear in mind that campers are often much more active at camp and will go through more clothes than usual so please pack appropriately.